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Class 15-20 exhibits received by:
Exhibits drop off to

Fair Judging:

Entries and covid – if students are unable to attend due to covid but their exhibit is already at school, teachers can bring it and it will still be judged for prizes.

Exhibits pick up: TBC

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Animal Ethics

A resource has been created for teachers and students to help them decide if they need Animal Ethics approval.
Please visit for more information.

NZIFST Information

NZIFST have a range of resources on their website that contain ideas for experiments (

Contact Info

If you have any questions contact: [email protected]

Other student opportunities

Thank you to EngineeringNZ for sharing this opportunity.

Encouraging women into professional engineering or food technology degrees.

If you know of women planning to enrol in a BE(Hons) or BFoodTech(Hons) degree in 2022, please tell them about the Edna Waddell Undergraduate Scholarship for Technology and Engineering. Information is on The scholarships are open to school leavers, and mature women who have not previously studied technology and engineering at this level. Applications close on 1 September and applications must be submitted through the university the candidate intends to enroll at.


ClassYear GroupInterest Area
1Year 7Living World
2Year 7Material World
3Year 7Physical World
4Year 8Living World
5Year 8Material World
6Year 8Physical World
7Year 7 & 8Planet Earth and Beyond*
8Year 9-10Living World
9Year 9-10Material World
10Year 9-10Physical World
11Year 9-10Planet Earth and Beyond*
12Year 11-13Senior Sciences
13Year 7 & 8Junior Invention
14Year 9-13Senior Invention
15Year 7 & 8Junior Scientific Wall Chart
16Year 9-13Senior Scientific Wall Chart
17Year 7 & 8Junior Observational Drawing
18Year 9-13Senior Observational Drawing
19Year 7-13Scientific Photography
20Year 7-13Scientific Video

*In a change from previous years, this class must now be an investigation, not research-based only.

Scientific Wall Charts, Observational Drawings and Scientific Photography must be entered individually. Students may enter all other classes either individually or in pairs.

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